January 9, 2020

Corbin + Natane | Married

Winter Courthouse Wedding in Eureka, IL

This courthouse wedding brought me all of the feels. Through 2019 I got the privilege of photographing their proposal, maternity session, and birth of their first baby. As if that wasn’t enough, they decided to make it official a little bit early this winter.

These two are on my lineup for 2020 weddings but if anyone knows a thing or two about just not being able to wait to marry the man of your dreams and taking the non-traditional route to get there, it’s Drew and I. Of course we wouldn’t miss their day for the world. On top of being around for their big moments, they’re family on my hubby’s side making them even more special to us!

Natane checked seemingly every local courthouse for openings that could get them in on a whim around family schedules. Fate had it that we scored the most gorgeous one around. Eureka Courthouse is a beautiful historical building full of marble, detailed spiral staircases, and extravagant architecture through the whole building.

Following the ceremony and family photos, we headed to Eureka Lake to capture a few portraits for the newlyweds! It was a beautiful day for the dead of winter, with bearable temps and sunshine to assist. These are some of my absolute favorites!

Oh, and no worries on the dress spoiler. This is not even her real one! Natane found this one off the rack within a week’s time, and it still fit her like a glove. Isn’t she so stunning?! If she already looks like this on their impromptu winter day, I can’t even imagine what their big wedding day next fall is going to bring.

Side note: I can’t help but laugh at the fact that Corbin hates to nuzzle in front of the camera, yet they still keep giving me reasons to make them do it! Seriously, professionals by now.

A piece of their story I can’t go without sharing is the unexpected loss of Natane’s grandma recently. It has been hard being around for the special moments and feeling her absence within her family but I can’t help but notice the extra love and care Corbin and Natane have surrounding them lately. They without a doubt have someone watching over them who loves them. Her necklace is a memoir from her grandma’s funeral flowers and she had some beautiful old pieces of her jewelry surrounding her bouquet.

Thank you, Beck’s Florist, for giving us these blooms to shoot!

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