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February 26, 2020

KJ Creative Co.

Peoria, IL Wedding, Event, & Small Business Graphic Designer | Vendor Highlights

After working with KJ Creative Co. for a styled shoot I put together last summer, I knew she one of the tops on my list to highlight her business. She is so easy to work with, brings amazing creativity and insight to any ideas you bounce off of her, and works hard to curate exactly what style of work you are after. Brides, I promise you would be so lucky to have this girl on your team.

Meet Katie! She is the owner and graphic designer behind KJ Creative Co. Katie has worked in the design and marketing industry for over a decade now, but came to the wedding industry in 2012 working for a local bridal shop.

When ownership of the shop changed, Katie knew it was time to start KJ Creative Co. Having her own business has taught her how to handle situations in a calm, confident, and stress-free manor. She says life is short and she wants to enjoy the journey! I couldn’t agree more from one business owner to another.

A girl after my own heart, Katie describes herself as an extremely hard worker, but not a morning person (amen!) with no desire to be put in a box of rules by the corporate world (and again!). She knew early on that her 9-5 wasn’t her calling.

“I pretty much always knew that I wanted to be able to work from home on my own schedule, and I said a lot of prayers and set out to find a way to do that. I’m very thankful that God led me to this path and that we were able to take some risks and I am very blessed that my husband has always been so supportive and encouraging, or I never would have had the courage to wind up here.”

“We have three children (5, 3, and 8 mos.) and we definitely have our hands full, but I am able to spend the majority of my time with them and also maintain a career that brings me a lot of fulfillment. Even though it is a busy season of life for us, it’s really awesome to have this business and maintain the client and vendor relationships that I’ve built and value so deeply.”

If you choose KJ Creative Co. to design your stationery, you can expect honesty, transparency, and integrity from your experience. This is something I can personally vouch for, working with her first-hand last year.

Sometimes, paper is one of the first budget categories to cut back on, but Katie strongly urges any bride to consider working with a designer before ordering online.

Keep in mind that your wedding stationery is the only way you are able to communicate with your guests prior to your wedding day, giving them a glimpse into all that planning you are doing behind the scenes!

There is so much to consider about what pieces you may need, what an appropriate timeline is for you, and what etiquette you want to follow that no online provider will ever be able to help you with. A good designer will guide you in the right direction and help you make choices to fit your budget. These personalizations are such a strong suit for Katie.

“Because of my background in marketing, my specialty is to design a custom “brand” for your wedding based on the venue, style, your monogram, etc. that can be used across your wedding design and paper. This includes everything from Save the Dates, Invitations, Programs, Menu Cards, Place Cards, Thank You Cards and anything else you can think of! My goal is for everything designed for your wedding to match and set the appropriate look and feel for your guests!”

I personally was in creative heaven getting to style and play with all of these past sets. I love the uniqueness of all of her work and that you can easily get a feel for what those wedding days must have been like. Still, they are all hallmarked by her consistent quality and authenticity.

Katie can be reached by her website, on Instagram, or by email at

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