March 11, 2020

Kenny + Allison | Engaged

An early spring engagement session in Peoria, Illinois. These two are one of our September 2020 couples and we are so excited for their big day!

But you guys, it’s probably pretty obvious but I have to confess… shooting in warm, sunny weather for the first time in months literally set a fire to my creativity and passion.

These kind of days are few and far between in early spring but I didn’t let this one go without soaking it up. This shoot was so refreshing for me and everything I needed after a slow, freezing cold winter!

I’ll also admit, I completely forgot about daylight savings springing forward on this day when we set this session up and probably planned it what could have been way too early. I couldn’t have asked for a better full-sun turn out on these babes and I love the glow the harsh light brought!

Kenny and Allison seriously rocked this session. I, of course, got the whole spiel that they’re awkward in front of the camera and not very photogenic. Are you kidding me?! I didn’t even have to tell them what to do after the first couple of shots. They just loved on each other and I loved it.

I recently sent out my first-ever Bridal Guides for my 2020 couples, full of planning and inspiration! I was so excited to hear that they used it to prep for their engagement session and even Kenny was pretty stoked about the pointers.

It’s hard not to feel out of place when you’re going to a nature preserve in your Sunday bests but my gosh, so worth it. I always try to remind people that these are their engagement photos and an occasion worth dressing up for. They used their guide and trusted that advice and I immediately knew it’d be a good one when they hopped out of his truck looking like this! So stunning.

I’d tell a little bit more of their story, but honestly Kenny and Allison have been together for as long as I can even remember and that’s how we know them. I love that it shows in the way they interact and are so comfortable together. Seriously so honored with the joy of capturing their love on their wedding day!

Check out this beautiful couple on the most gorgeous early spring day!

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