July 1, 2020

Scott + Haley | Engaged

After Coronavirus continued to push this session back, this sweet girl finally got to escape her job in healthcare to hang with her hubby-to-be in front of my camera. Let me tell you, it was so worth the wait!

Scott and Haley are the most beautiful, lighthearted couple and I was in absolute awe of the way they so effortlessly love on each other. Plus, they are both so photogenic and they brought not just one, but three, stunning outfit choices to their engagement session. Seriously you guys, take downs some styling tips! I feel so lucky to be their photographer.

Right after we got started, the sun hid behind a heavy band of clouds and I thought we had lost all of our light for the evening. Out of nowhere, it decided to join us again and we got to enjoy a gorgeous sunset. Cheers to that – literally! Scroll to see what else Scott and Haley brought to make their engagement session unique.

This one was so good on my photographer heart. I am so excited to capture their wedding this coming December!

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