Dear Drew,

March 19, 2020

A letter to my husband on his 25th birthday.

Wow, 25 years old, Drew!! You getting old is making me feel less like a kid, rather robbed of my youth. Lucky I’ve still got some of mine left but I think at this point, you’re SOL.

I can’t lie, this is harder to write than what I anticipated when I put it on my calendar so many months ago. I don’t want to be fake and mushy; we’ve spent more time arguing and co-existing the last few months than being best friends. We are undoubtedly walking through one of the hardest years together, with unforeseen circumstances, unwanted struggles, our last two college semesters, and a third baby coming our way.

As much as I sometimes wish things were always easy, I know we wouldn’t be growing as a married couple in our faith, ability to communicate, love, health, and so much more if it was all effortless.

We have already turned some of these trials into some of our biggest successes together, learned more about each other’s hearts and ambitions than ever before, and have been pushed to be genuinely better. That’s all I could ever ask for, way over perfection. Being married to you, Drew, is the best gift life has ever given me.

Since we’ve been together, we have grown up so much in just a few short years. We’ve already had so many big life adventures. Had a baby or two or three. Navigated through early parenthood and the first few years of marriage together. Our life together has come with laughs, cries, yelling, you name it… but mostly just time spent laughing. Even tonight on FaceTime (yeah, you also let me call you every single break at work because I just miss ya or have way too much to say over text from the last couple of hours), I couldn’t keep a straight face for two seconds having a simple conversation with you.

To my partner in all things, thank you for being you. Over the past few years I have watched you become the man I simply couldn’t live without. You are gone so much pursuing your education and working late hours, and still, we’d probably fall apart without you getting breakfast and baths done, and spending quality time with us each morning before you leave. You always make sure to set me up for a good day with the boys and give me the luxury of time to shower before you go.

You are our comfort, the voice of reason for this entire family, and the best dad and husband we could ask for. You are always such a role model and encouragement to me and the boys in letting your heart be vulnerable, allowing God to work in you, relying on prayer, adoration, and gratefulness. You have a heart of gold.

Drew, I am in awe of the way you love me. You have an ability to handle my mind that never shuts off, my impulsive ideas, my extreme passions and drastic changes I throw at our lives, my tireless to-do lists, and just difficult ole’ me. You are my number one supporter. There’s no doubt that no one else could balance the role of my hubby better than you. You were hand-picked for me, my dear.

I’ll give some of my favorite examples here for the rest of y’all:

  1. When I got into wedding photography, I decided I wanted Drew to be my second shooter. First, because I only have to pay him in love, and then I realized how much he just gets me, even in work mode. I couldn’t do it without him by my side, and by my side he stays. Even though it wasn’t his dream, he has spent so many hours on photography education, at sessions, and weddings just to make this possible for me. He has sacrificed so much of his own time to help me thrive.
  2. I went completely vegan, and within two weeks… my steak and pizza lovin’ husband jumped on board because he knew it would be easier on me if we were doing it together. Let me tell ya, he’s kicking plant-based butt. That’s some major sacrificial love.
  3. Just last month, I disassembled our bathrooms and started painting the cabinets on a whim after I put the kids to bed while Drew was at work all night. He grabbed Taco Bell (my first trimester craving) on the way home for me, then stayed up and helped and even finished what I started so I could go to bed. Not exactly his idea of winding down after a long night!

There is something so sweet about being in a marriage that is always changing and growing, never settling into too many norms. Drew, thank you for always pushing me to be my best and allowing me to do the same.

We have had such a wild journey over the last few years. One that I could live on repeat forever. Again, and again, and again.

Drew, you and our sweet family are my whole world and more.

I’m sorry we have to spend your day all quarantined at home together but honestly, I don’t think you’d have it any other way. So here’s to a day of sleeping in, snuggles, a home-cooked meal, your favorite peanut butter banana whip… and if you’re lucky and the boys allow it, some afternoon game-playing or movie-watching together.

I’m so lucky to get to do life with you! Happy quarter of a century, babe.