Extended Family Photos // Oahu, Hawaii

Extended family sessions are such a dream come true for me! They are an abundance of new little family’s faces to share from one session and next level joy in my opinion.

We dream of having all of our extended family come visit Hawaii together and the memories we would make. I definitely live vicariously through the joy and chaos of doing these big group sessions.

These guys were celebrating their sister’s college graduation, but I love that they brought everyone along! I think that speaks for the closeness that can be seen in these photos.

I’m so thankful for this extended family and how sweet they all are. I’m also dying over all the babies there were to snuggle and make belly laugh! I always feel so honored when big families invite me in and treat me like part of the crew while trusting me with their memories. You’re going to love this session!

Here’s another extended family session to check out when you’re done!

Hawaii Family Photos | Oahu, Hawaii Photographer | Erika Taphorn Photo