Hawaii Family Photo Session // Oahu, HI

Hawaii is the perfect place to get updated family photos and that’s what this crew did on their Hawaii vacation.

I thought this session was going to be super stressful because I was incredibly sick with a sinus infection that started as a mild cold and was running a fever (which they knew about and we agreed to keep the date because of their schedule!), and then they hit some classic Hawaii traffic and were super late, on top of it being one of the gloomiest days I’ve ever had to shoot in… but then all my worries went away the second they showed up ready to do their thing.

Is this not the most adorable little family ever?! Big blue eyes and big personality were abundant, and mom’s curly hair passed down to the little guy is… heart eyes! Absolutely gorgeous family!! Even though I die over what we could have created in the perfect conditions with far more time, I think a handful of these images go into my top favorites ever. Not because of perfect light or even their beautiful children, but mostly because of their presence and silliness all together. They were ready to love hard, and that made a bigger impact than Hawaii ever could have. But the island does help. ;)

Ok I could obsess all day. Check them out!!!

Hawaii Family Photos | Oahu, Hawaii Photographer | Erika Taphorn Photo