Here We Grow Again // Baby Taphorn #3

February 19, 2020

Ahhhh, the news is finally out! Baby Taphorn #3 is scheduled to arrive September 2020.

Yes, it’s a BOY! We are excited, overwhelmed, anxious, you name it… But Baby Taphorn #3 (we really need a new nickname for ya), we just cannot wait to meet you later this year. Here is our announcement vid:

Since the news is already out, let me just jump right in. I’ve felt a lot of feelings and heard a lot of things so far, so here’s my heart in a place where I’m not forcing anyone else to read it.

Baby Taphorn caught us by surprise! I had already pretty much begged my husband to start trying in March/April so we could have a nice little planned baby right after college graduation before we officially “start our lives in the real world” if that’s even a real thing.

Of course, God showed us that His timeline trumps ours. We’re clinging to that without fear. I can’t even imagine what my life would be if He hadn’t so graciously given us Kainen to our surprise. That little boy has made worlds go round. I mean, September is a perfect birthday month anyways – the start of great weather, food, football, need I say more?!

My third first trimester has been HARD though. There were a few weeks there where I said never again, we are done. Something about the nausea and exhaustion just doesn’t get any easier when you have two little boys still going at full speed. I haven’t been actually sick, so praise God for that.

For the first month, I was hooked on tortilla chips. I made dozens of salsas and bought so many vegan dips over the course of a few weeks. I craved salty like never before (I’m usually a sweet tooth!). I don’t even know if I should admit this, but we went through 3 Costco-sized bags, several of the Aldi bags, and everywhere we went I would unashamedly look for them at other peoples’ houses… within a month. And then, everything just started tasting like absolute crap. Smells were weird. My favorite foods were bland. Gross.

I’m happily on the uphill and since finding out Baby Taphorn is a boy, we have talked a few times about possibly going for #4 while we’re at it. Lol.

Here’s the thing: I have pictured a big family since the day I became a mom. I was raised in a family of 8, surrounded by big families, etc. I literally don’t know life any other way (as nice as a clean and quiet house sounds sometimes). Did I think we’d be well on our way to 10 kids by the age of 23 and before graduating college? Nope. Am I loving almost every second of it? Heck yeah. So let’s just leave that there. We’re so blessed, and absolutely thrilled.

But THREE BOYS, wow! Am I right?!

We felt the same way at first. Mostly because I had 3 girl dreams before finding out, the Chinese calendar said girl, the ring trick predicted boy, boy, girl, respectively… the cards were all there. We’d be lying if we said we haven’t prayed for a little girl.

But our calling at this point in time is so clear. Raise three boys, raise them well.

It’s no understatement that our world is lacking gentlemen with strong values. Men who love the Lord and love others. We are being trusted with such an important job and one that we are proud to take on.

I love that. I love everything about being a boy mom. The messiness, loudness, everything being genuinely so dirty. Dirt, balls, rocks, tractors, cars, action figures, wrestling around, backwards hats, tennis shoes… give me all the little boy things.

Baby Taphorn #3, you have the best big brother crew waiting on you. We love you so much already and we can’t wait to know you.