Jairus Turns TWO!

April 22, 2021

It’s Jairus’s birthday and it’s Earth Day! I will forever love that the two coincide and it couldn’t be more fitting for our family, but especially our adventurous little man.

Time just won’t stop flying. I can’t believe it’s been two years since we welcomed our little 5 lb. babe into the world and he’s since been booted to middle child. He fits the role perfectly. Jairus is ornery but quiet, always up to no good! He earns his keep, and makes his place known. He follows everything Kainen is doing and picks on Elijah on the daily. He is the most strong-willed of our three, and always knows precisely what he wants. He doesn’t make it easy though – he just points in the general direction and makes us guess while he shakes his head until we get it right.

You’d never know it by looking at him, but we can’t get him to stop eating. That boy is in our kitchen from sun up to sun down. And then sneaks in our bed just in time for a midnight snack. Food is his only love language at this point. Jairus also loves anything that has wheels on it, brings me a bajillion books per day, is obsessed with “oooos” (shoes) and points and cries at the window/door until we go outside. He just learned to ride his balance bike and is becoming quite the escape artist. Seriously, this boy keeps me on my toes!!

But for as rotten as he is, JJ is so dang sweet. Lately he’s demanded a spot in our bed (after being our only “sleep-trained” baby) and I couldn’t be happier about finally getting the intimate bond with him that my motherly intuition always longed for as we tried to follow the “rules” for once. He’s been competing with Eli for biggest mama’s boy and it just melts me.

My wish for his next year is to spend majority of it outside, to stay fearless and bold, and to know more than anything how loved he is. I hope there’s lots of digging in rocks and sand, snacks on snacks, and running wild with his brothers. We couldn’t love watching you learn and grow more, Mr. Personality.