Kainen Matthew | Four Years Old

January 22, 2021

Another year, another birthday! Four years has flown by.

I’ve been blanking on this for hours. I guess I just don’t have the words for the boy who we literally owe the world to.

Kainen made two young kids a family with his existence alone. And he’s been so stinkin’ great that we just can’t stop having kids – not anytime soon. Which of course he’s fine with; he shares his attention generously. Four brothers and a sister, please, he asks for about 10 times a week. Kainen’s little siblings are so lucky to have him. He is smitten over his baby brother, Eli, and him and Jairus are pretty much a package deal for everything. He has the biggest heart and the biggest attitude. He’s paving the way for the rest! But he has made being parents so much fun.

This past year has been bittersweet. All the birthdays are when your first baby is growing older! He has no little toddler voice anymore. He’s pushing his limits, becoming so independent, and figuring out who he is in the world. He’s asking all of the questions and I love how observant and curious he is.

Miscellaneous favorite things of his include: superheroes (Iron-Spider lately), building legos, going to the library and reading books, dinosaurs, helping in the kitchen, spending time at the park and on hikes, playing in water. He’s currently into PJ Masks and Paw Patrol.

Even with his big, tough personality, Kainen has the softest spot for his mama. He tells me every day how pretty I am and when I wear make up, he stares at my eyes and tells me all day long how much he likes them. He “can’t wait to marry me when he gets bigger, in Arizona where Gami and Papa went”. He constantly says things like, “I’m so glad you’re here. You’re my best person in the whole wide world,” or he’ll yell from wherever he’s at that he loves me… every few minutes. And it just won’t ever get old. Hanging on tight while it lasts.

Daddy is his best friend and Kainen literally celebrates when it’s not a work day. I’ve loved every phase of watching Drew be a dad, but seeing his and Kainen’s special bond lately as we’ve gone from toddler to little boy has been so fun – and loud!

I brag on us but to be honest, his Gami is still his favorite person on the planet.

I’ve never met a kid who is more social. His laugh is (always has been) infectious. Life with Kainen is full of cracking up, dance parties, and all things boy!! Our floor is pretty much always lava anymore. We can’t turn a corner without his ornery butt hiding on the other side and waiting to scare someone. And he still sneaks into our bed… every night. Which I absolutely love.

Four years ago today, my heart learned a love like no other. I love you SO much Kainerbug!! So excited to celebrate your birthday with Elevate, lunch, a party with all of your forever friends, and to finally take you skiing this weekend! Happy FOURTH, sweet boy.