Kawela Bay Engagement // Oahu, Hawaii

Kawela Bay is known for the breathtaking banyan trees and quiet beaches. Protected by the reef from the strong waves, it’s a beautiful place for all day family hangs and evening photo sessions.

Although I don’t shoot many engagement sessions or weddings anymore, couples were my heart and soul for the first several years of running my business! It was so much fun having a couple in front of my camera for the first time in awhile.

I absolutely love the chaos of little kids and all the magical moments that make up motherhood, but it’s always a good reminder to capture the foundation and how it started.

Whether you have ten kids or it’s just the two of you… if you adore each other, you’re a family in my book and I’d love to have you in front of my camera!

Kawela Bay engagement session | Kawela Bay, North Shore Oahu | Oahu, Hawaii Engagement and Wedding Photographer | Erika Taphorn Photography

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