Makua Beach Family Photos | Oahu Hawaii Photographer

Makua Beach is one of my favorite places to take family photos here on Oahu! I love Makua Beach because the sun sets right in front of it, the huge mountains make a gorgeous backdrop, and there’s so much variety in landscape! There’s not too many places we get long tall grass that’s super easily accessible, but this is one of my favorite spots! Bonus because the path makes the perfect reflector for dreamy skin tones… but I’ll stop nerding out on all things light here.

I’m so glad this family chose Makua Beach for their session! It’s so far from where I live on island, so we don’t venture that way too much, but it’s always such a treat and I’m so glad when I do make the trip!

Little Olivia made this session so much fun! I try to go into every session with a plan for directing based on the number of kids and their ages, but the reality is that when photographing one-year-olds, we’re just going to be marching to the beat of their drum and it’ll be way better that way. This sweet girl wanted to play in the shore break the entire time, even as tide was rising, and I was loving it!!!! Most toddlers want nothing to do with the waves especially if they don’t live near the ocean, so this was such a special treat!!!

Check out this beautiful family at Makua Beach! And if you love it, you’re definitely going to love this one on film from the other side of the beach!

Makua Beach family session | Oahu Hawaii family photographer | Erika Taphorn Photo