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Following Jesus and raising boys. Passionate about living our best non-toxic, sustainable, vegan lifestyle. You know, all the weird earthy and essential things. I'm an individualist and nonconformist. I'm direct and honest. Sometimes, I relentlessly stand up for what I believe in. This is me, purpose over popularity.

But I'm sensitive and a bit sentimental too...
I love compliments from my husband, morning snuggles with my baby boys, feeling our baby's kicks get stronger, fresh cut flowers on the kitchen table, vegetables from the garden, matcha green tea, sand between my toes, floppy sun hats, worship music, and the Gilmore Girls.


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"Half me, half you babe." Our two boys were blessed with his charm and my looks. Jk. But in all seriousness, I could never explain the joy of sharing little humans with the man that I love. Kainen is the life of the party and too smart for his own good. Jairus will snuggle you as long as you've got arms to wrap around him, and he is so curious. We're biased, but they couldn't be cuter, or more stubborn.

Our Sweet boys

My rock and better half. Drew is the perfect balance to my personality and he keeps me grounded with his love. He is resilient, supportive, and such a hard worker. I'm in awe of the way he leads our family and I couldn't ask for a better example of a Godly man to our little boys.

MY Hubby

I never thought this would be us but here we are. The challenge of substituting plant over processed has become a love language for me and I joyfully spend most of my time home in the kitchen. We've been learning the power of whole plant foods and making radical changes in the way we treat our bodies. Don't let us fool you- we started at the other end of the spectrum. We just honestly no longer even miss our old favorites.

vegan food

I am beyond blessed to have had three amazing and rather easy pregnancies so far and we don't take that for granted. I absolutely just love pregnancy and growing life inside of me. My body never fails to surprise me with just how much it can handle. I would do it ten times over if we can, even if someday that's for someone else.

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We love because He first loved us.
I humbly gave my life to Jesus right after our first was born and my life has been so full of hope ever since, even in the trials. I am no perfect Christian, but I'm letting His perfect love shape me one degree of glory at a time. I would love to share my testimony and my walk with you.

My faith

I am passionate about keeping our home free of harsh chemicals and keeping toxic products off of my children's bodies. Truly, we didn't know how much these things were impacting our health, moods, and livelihood until we were free of them. I love getting educated and making big switches in our home and helping others to do the same.

clean living


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At just 14 and 16 years old, Drew and I said "I love you" for the first time. At 18, we gave our love a real shot and have let God write the rest for us. To put it in short, we said “I do” under a desert sunrise in Moab, Utah and we have two little ones running around with another on the way. We’d love to share the details over coffee, as we believe we have conquered so much about life and love in such a short time and are committed to growing old with one another through whatever that takes. Our marriage and our life together is the inspiration for this business. It brings us joy to capture each couple in their own unique way as they write their stories together. We are based in Peoria, Illinois but we love to travel wherever your love takes you!

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