ONE Year Old // Our Jairus Michael

April 22, 2020

Happy FIRST birthday to our sweet one-year-old!

One year has come and gone so fast. So crazy that one year ago tonight (after your fast and furious entry into the world), we were holding you for hours, studying you and wondering who you might be… our perfect Earth Day baby boy.

Honestly, this birthday has come with far less emotion than it did the first time around for mama. Of course, I’d love to keep you boys little and care for you forever, but knowing that’s inevitable, I’ve learned to celebrate these milestones. Knowing our nightly bottles and snuggles, monthly photo ops, and innocent baby chatter is coming to a close is bittersweet… but I love that we are trading it in for a mischievous partner in crime, handpicked by God, for his big brother.

Jairus, you are one special little boy. From daddy, you get your calm and collected personality, your sweetness and love for physical touch, especially snuggles, and your whole entire face. Mommy gave you those squinty little eyes when you cheese, your curiosity beyond belief, and all of the ornery. But you are also so uniquely you. You take on the world with passion and poise and you can also take down three entire plates at every meal.

We were so mistaken by your quiet and mellow composure until just a few months ago when more of you started seeping through the cracks, and wow, watching your personality explode has been amazing. They do say that the easiest babies make the hardest toddlers… seatbelts buckled.

Today, we spent your first b(earth)day with banana pancakes and berries for breakfast (I hope we never forget the way you pound a pint of blueberries whenever we let you). We went on a hike and had a picnic lunch in the woods (your fav right now, likely because all of the food is in your reach), and then we enjoyed not one, but three long bike rides in the beautiful weather. You were in heaven on that bike seat! Such a simple, but meaningful day and you were far happier outside than you ever would have been at your cancelled birthday party.

One year ago you joined our little family, and you have done your part in weaving it together so well. Our wish for you is that you never stop being curious and exploring, and may we always nurture the love of learning and chasing your passions right alongside you.

I can’t believe we get the gift of being your parents for all of the years to come. We love you so much, our one-year-old Jairus Michael! xx