Our Family on Film | Images by Brooke Schultz

Brooke Schultz photographed our family on film. Brooke Schultz photographed our family on film. Brooke Schultz photographed our family on film. AHHHHH my dream come true!

It was sweet and chaotic, snuggly and wild, and so wonderfully us.

What a gift to have our family on film… to see the hard work of parenthood that hit us fast and will hopefully amount to something beautiful but also just the happiness that we rocked our entire world for. Seeing it on our faces made us feel so validated after a hard year of settling in to what we knew was our north. Fully realized while looking through these that we’re actually living our dream, both the babies and the beach – imperfect and real and us.

I think that every photographer should take the leap of faith and get on this side. To practice what you preach. Even when our toddlers picked their noses, our normally ham of a baby could barely keep her eyes open and actually fell asleep on my shoulder for the first time… even when we argued about who could use our only bathroom and cleaning bedrooms that wouldn’t even be used instead of getting ready while Brooke was on her way to us.

The way we were able to slip out of our routine and into each other, and to have our family photographed on film with our beautiful dream family in our humble dream beach house in our gorgeous dream state.

It was worth it. Even though it was out of budget the opportunity to have Brooke in Hawaii while our baby is still a baby was such a slim opportunity, and it was worth every change and sacrifice we made to make it happen. I will cherish these for EVER.

If you’re ever in Utah, give this girl a shout. She won’t let you down.